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Since 2017, PhilanthroPhilippines has been consistently helping Filipinos with programs that benefit children and families. During special crises such as natural calamities, our team conduct organized operations to reach those who are in need. Our programs also support specific people in families with medical conditions, community hunger, children sponsorships and financial assistance for students.

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Free dental braces for student youth ages 15-24

We sponsor youth ages 15-24 for free braces dental procedures. This program has a goal of improving confidence among young students by giving them the gift of a great smile!

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$4,500 Raised

$7,000 Goal


Free prescription glasses for families

Individual in families will be given free prescription glasses made by an optometrist, especially for young children and senior citizens who might be suffering from poor eyesight.

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$350 Raised

$1,000 Goal


Business funding for a small store of a family

The main goal of this project is to provide funding for a small business (also known as a Sari-Sari Store) on a selected family in order to become self-supporting. It also encourages entrepreneurship.

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$5,000 Raised

$10,000 Goal


Relief goods aid for natural disaster victims

Philippines' is frequently hit with natural calamities. Our team conducts grocery drives and relief good operations to help those communities affected by heavy storms, landslides, earthquakes and fires.

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$5,700 Raised

$10,000 Goal

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